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eJunkie: The Best Online Shopping Cart

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

E-Junkie is a web-based product handling and checkout system that can deliver encrypted download links to your customers automatically. Adding and removing products is super-easy; eJunkie makes Buy Now and Add to Cart buttons a snap. If you're using Paypal and are currently creating buttons for each product, OMG, this is WAY easier than their clunky options!

E-Junkie integrates with the most popular payment processors (Amazon Payments is a notable absentee) and is compatible with affiliate aggregators like Share-A-Sale, Commission Junction or Linkshare. And if you're not ready – or don't need – to scale up to a full affiliate aggregator, E-Junkie can help you to run a simple affiliate programs for your products.

Here's my top 10 eJunkie selling points.

1) It's SO EASY to use

Adding products to the eJunkie web site shopping cart is simplicity itself

A few clicks can prepare a new product for sale. Click to upload a file, wait for it to be copied to the E-Junkie server and you're ready to sell! Simply copy-and-paste code to implement a button to Add to Cart, Buy Now or View Cart onto your websites.

A few more clicks can add it to the marketplace... which brings me to...

2) The E-Junkie Marketplace is a great place to sell your products

Adding products to the eJunkie web site shopping cart marketplace

Unfortunately the links from the marketplace are no-follow backlinks, but you can list detailed sales pages. The page URL is created from your product name – SEO keyword-focused content page rules WORK here! You can pick your own categories and sub-categories for even better targeting. Upload a main image and thumbnail. Pages on the E-Junkie Marketplace are quick to rank. You're limited to certain HTML tags. The eJunkie marketplace has Alexa rank of 2,629 (May 2011), so lots of people will see your stuff.

3) It's a nice company to do business with

Customer service is excellent. Ejunkie bills you after you exceed your current plan rather than pro-rata; this is almost unprecedented. The product's many features are well-documented, but the staff (aka Support Ninjas!) are always happy to help, no matter how dumb your question.

4) Simple affiliate program handling

E-Junkie's affiliate merchant tools are not complex enough to manage a large campaign – I'd recommend Share-A-Sale if you're going to go down that route – but it can handle most Clickbank-level programs. There's a bit more paperwork, but the flexibility is probably worth it. Automated payment to your affiliates can be made via Paypal. You can set different affiliate percentages per product.

5) Coupon codes and discounts are really straightforward

A super-easy-to-use interface allows you to set up bespoke coupons for marketing campaigns and promotions. Set your own expiry date, limited number of uses, flat discount or percentage, of cart contents or with shipping and handling. Set minimum number of items or minimum cart total. Why don't ALL web site shopping cart programs make it this easy?!

6) Free download links for review samples or customers

A very simple fill-in form allows you to select a product and email a link to anybody. This is great for handling review samples, or if a customer is having problems downloading a product.

7) Works perfectly to handle hard goods sales too

Selling hard goods with the eJunkie web site shopping cart is easy -- it handles shipping and sales tax automatically!

Selling hard goods rather than digital downloads? You're covered with eJunkie. Set up sales tax by region, state or country; establish shipping prices linked to products for each territory you ship to. eJunkie's web site shopping cart even handles inventory for you!

8) You can use it to give away products

Just set a price of zero for a product if you want to give something away. The customer is still required to checkout, so you capture their information for future use. The number of free checkouts per day is limited depending on your subscription level.

9) It's free to try for 7 days

What's not to love about a try-before-you-buy web site shopping cart?

10) Great value for money if you continue

The eJunkie web site shopping cart is amazing value for money

eJunkie is fantastic value for money. It costs just $5/month to offer your first ten digital products, which will be enough for many webmasters. Offline (non-digital) products cost less pro-rata per item. It's priced on a sliding scale for further products. Note that there is a MB limit for each level of subscription, and a 500MB per download limit for any single item.

11) (so much for top ten!) Great reporting

Full reporting of your sales by product, date range etc. and also separate reporting for free downloads means you can keep a close eye on your sales. You can also see how many times a customer has attempted to download a product from their link.

Paypal could learn a LOT from ease of use for sales reporting from eJunkie. In short, Paypal's reporting sucks ass and e-Junkie's kicks ass.

12) (oh come on now) Encrypted links

Your e-products won't be stolen anymore. Each link is unique, encrypted and only good for five attempted downloads/visits. So people can't post their links on forums to share your stuff with other thieves.

Any reason to not choose eJunkie for your web site shopping cart?

The Marketplace does have weaknesses. When you change a product's description, it is automatically promoted to the top of the list of products. That is the ONLY way to change the order of product listings on the main page, so if you want to lift a seasonal range up the page, you must change each one, even if only a little bit. This is a huge pain if you have a big inventory.

Flash-based interface makes some tasks (highlighting and copying or pasting) a bit fiddly. Also clicking off the web page and coming back, FireFox etc. "forget" where your cursor was.

Marketplace listings only allow limited HTML markup. You can't create a full HTML page, just certain HTML codes work. Marketplace images don't always appear after uploading; this is an image sizing issue. Following the company's guidelines is no guarantee, but the image always appears if you resize smaller and reupload.

Compared to "real" affiliate programs, the affiliate settings at eJunkie are very basic. Probably fine for many small e-business owners, but you can't go back to basics with eJunkie once you have grown accustomed to more sophisticated systems like Share-a-Sale.

Conclusion: Ejunkie rocks

Like the name suggests, you will soon be hooked on eJunkie! It's a simple, elegant web site shopping cart system and more than enough for most.

Try it today, FREE for 7 days!