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Use Tomoson to Get Links and Awareness Harness the Power of Mommy Bloggers!
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What is Tomoson, and why should you care?

This FREE service is essential for any e-business owner with a product (even a free product, such as an eBook or other incentive you usually use to sign up people to your mailing list).

Digest these benefits:

  • Free feedback about your product from bloggers
  • Improved awareness for your products
  • Access to new traffic and social media attention is not difficult to use, but there is a learning curve. Let me flatten that curve to zero with my new video!

Tomoson is not scary to use. It gives you access to thousands of Mommy Bloggers, who have command of a large portion of organic and social media traffic today.

This is a must-do project. If you don't have a product yet, it's time to create one, if only to get started on

Why You Need This Video

Get Those Links: You know how hard it is to get diversified, contextual, relevant inbound links... how would you feel if you had dozens of bloggers doing them for you? It's easy. I'll show you how.

Get Free Feedback About Your Product: not helpful if your product will not appeal to Mommy Bloggers, but extremely helpful if it does. Free giveaway products count too. Get one done and get it on today!

Improved Awareness: get your brand out there to thousands more Internet users by the ever-powerful word of Mom.

Access to New Traffic: Twitter, Facebook and organic traffic magnets, Mommy Bloggers could give your traffic a huge boost.

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The Interface: It's almost TOO simple to use (missing a couple of options that would be very helpful), but in a nutshell, everything you need to list and manage a product review promotion is provided, FREE.

You can sort applicants to your promotion by date applied, mark each person as shipped, or email them through Tomoson or their own email address (which you are given when you approve them).

What Does This Mean For You?

If I share my experience, you'll be able to understand the power has for your e-business.

What Has Done For Python: Simply using, in addition to a few link exchanges and anybody who organically linked, Alexa's last update saw the number of domains linking to my site increase from 38 to 202 (it has not updated for many months, but at the next update I expect it to increase again to more than 300).

In the same period, traffic has gone from around 400 unique visitors per day (September 2010) to over 600 per day (August 2011).

A like-for-like comparison between this summer and the same dates today is even more enlightening. (Summer is our quietest period.)

July 1st 2010-August 14th 2010: 15,388 visits, 32,018 page views

July 1st 2011-August 14th 2011: 24,635 visits (+60 percent), 71,380 page views (+122 percent)

Our eCommerce numbers for the same period show even more impressive increases:

Conversion rate up 192 percent

Transactions up 368 percent

Number of products purchased up 312 percent

If nothing else, you can use your free eBook to get Tomoson bloggers sending you traffic and inbound links, and build your mailing list faster.

The video is 37 minutes long and deals with each step in minute detail.

Unlock the power of Mommy Bloggers with! How-To Video


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How To Make A Video: Hire Me!

Outsource your video creation

It's impossible to give you a price for video creation. Making something like Silk, Or Suffocation? would be a very different proposition from making an SBI: The Origin Of Webmaster... style mini-movie.

A slideshow with captions and music would cost less than a slideshow with voice-over commentary. (My British accent is included in the fee!)

Please contact me to discuss your requirements. Get movie-ing! >