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Losing Your Content Focus?

An SBI Website Content Blueprint could be the difference between success and failure

I have a confession to make: I never used to believe in Content Blueprints. $200 Add to Cart

I thought that making one was a waste of time -- I could be using that time to write more great content!

Now, I am a total convert to the SBI Site Blueprint cause. Here's why I think you MUST have one.

You'll always know what to do next. Just having an Excel sheet to refer to can keep you moving in the right direction. What if you only have time to build just one page? You'll always know what to write about and what keyword to optimize your content for. That is a HUGE time saver and keeps you focused on your goal, namely, traffic and lots of it.

Proper planning for your website can show you holes in your original concept, or even places you can better focus on for improved ROI.

"I was thrilled that a successful SBIer could do this for me at affordable rates. I am thrilled! I think I got more than what I asked for. I feel this especially after reading your 'site review'. The blueprint saved me loads of time and frustration. I remember using Site Structure It, which is a wonderful tool, and yet, I found myself getting nowhere with my tier structure. So definitely saved me lots of time and a great blue a print in hand. I look forward to seeing the traffic!"
Shankari Johnston

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Your existing Tier 2 pages should be the pillars of your website, but if their keywords are badly selected, they won't be doing all they could to support your traffic generation process.

This is a job you could definitely do yourself. But if you'd like expert help with this important process, the price is just $200. Buy now

"What a great service Ashley provides! I took advantage of the SBI 2-for-1 holiday special and Ashley quickly took 2 site ideas I had and came up with a workable blueprint for each one. His insightful questions show that he knows what he's doing, and the price is a bargain when I consider how much time he saved me. I highly recommend Ashley's site blueprint service."
Benjamin Barnett

Site Blueprint: $200

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