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Help! I Need Somebody...

If YOUR SBI online business needs help, you can turn to me

It's completely normal to feel overwhelmed by the SBI process. The SBI Action Guide may break down your challenge into ten "Days", but the world, Rome and e-businesses were NOT built in a day. Nor should you get frustrated if things happen slowly.

What I took away with me most from the SBI Chicago Conference was that e-business people do need somebody to call on. Not all the time, but we all have some sticking point that needs a little push to get past.

Absolutely before you do ANYTHING else, consider an SBI Review Report. I've done this for many fellow SBIers and all of them were surprised (and usually delighted) by the results!

Having somebody else look over your e-business can really get you focused on where you're going wrong (and what you're doing well) and help you plan the route to success. Brace yourself! >

If, like many SBI online business owners, you overlooked the importance of your Content Blueprint, then my SBI Website Blueprint service will set you back on target towards success.

Whenever you sit down to create content, you'll known exactly what you should be writing next. Priceless! >

If you're spinning your wheels with BlockBuilder, but are terrified of the work involved in changing over to an uploaded HTML look and feel, I can help you with the SBI Construction service.

And when you're ready to take over, I'll train YOU to replace ME! Is that great service, or what? Fire up that backhoe! >

SBI Owners: Resources and Reading

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HARO (Help A Reporter Out): take the chance to leverage the media for your online business
Purple Cow by Seth Godin (Amazon): simply a brilliant book! A must-read for entrepreneurs and wannabee ones