SBI Content 2 100-Page Challenge

How long does it take you to add 100 pages
to your SBI site?

Let's do it -- in FIVE WORKING DAYS.

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Learn How to Add 100 Pages to Your SBI Site, Every Week!

Content 2 100-Page Challenge: Create 100 Pages Per Week!

I've developed a simple mechanism, using Content 2 and templates plus lots of fun shortcuts in FireFox, to build content pages FAST. Faster than you believed possible, and certainly faster than by uploading HTML or using Block Builder.

How I Came Up With This Simple Method

I needed to build Boardgame Beast into a board game reviews powerhouse, and it was going nowhere fast.

When I found a VA in the Philippines, I could finally afford well written content in bulk. The question was, how to get her to submit it without having to reformat the content, page by page?

Content 2 to the rescue! With the template I created, she could copy and paste images and other information from Amazon, add reviews, and submit everything to the C2 Library via my invitation, leaving the pages there for when I wanted to build them.

I outsourced the monetizing and building process to my wife, and so our site grows at roughly 50 pages per week without me doing much.

The course costs $120, including 50 minutes of my time and all the templates and documentation.

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Are you ready to grow your business, faster and with less effort? This course will blow your mind!

"I can't believe it - someone ordered 62 items yesterday and it's all thru one of the links I created in the C2 challenge. Wow! This has definitely given me the motivation to keep going with those C2 reviews. Thanks Ashley!"


What you'll get from the course

  • Build 100 optimized, monetized Content 2 pages that rank rapidly
  • Turbo-charge your product page writing
  • Create Menu pages that get the click
  • Outsource the grind of this writing and free your time
  • Works for BlockBuilder or Uploaded sites
  • Foolproof documentation and step-by-step
  • Works for C2 Newbies as well as experienced Content 2 users
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100 pages in five days? Impossible!

More than 30 students have already proved that this works. You can see from the highlighted quote above, and the testimonials on the left, what people are seeing happen to their sites when they implement this idea.

My own business benefits from this method, too. We outsource writing of Content 2 pages to a wonderful girl in the Philippines. She does a fine job, producing 10-20 new Content 2 pages of unique, optimized reviews of products daily, at a very affordable price.

My wife builds the pages, which takes approximately 30-40 minutes per day, and so our web business grows by 50 or more pages per five-day week, week in, week out. What would that do for YOUR online business? Add to Cart

Grow Your e-Business -- FAST

Let's redefine "impossible". Join me on a course that you simply can't afford to miss.

I'm blocking out chunks of my working schedule to mentor students through the growing pains of learning how to rapidly build optimized, monetized pages for their sites.

What you get for your $120 enrollment fee:

  • Full documentation on how to prepare yourself for the challenge
  • 50 minutes of my time, via phone or Skype
  • Email Q&A suppoer after the course ends
  • The benefit of 100 new pages of optimized, monetized Content 2 pages
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Cheesy Marketing Speak

This is the bit where cheesy online marketers would try to close the sale by saying things like:


(Some of the above would probably have yellow highlighting behind it and be colored crimson, for added drama.)

Let's debunk these ideas point by point.

SPACES ARE LIMITED! Well, actually, yes they are. Because realistically I might be able to mentor five people per hour, and I don't want to work 20 hours per day. Tim Ferriss would never approve of that.

ACT NOW OR YOU WILL NEVER GET THE CHANCE AGAIN! It looks like this is going to be a permanent fixture, for now, but who knows how long I have to live?!

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Absolutely. Everything I do comes with this, and the SBI Content 2 100-Page Challenge will be no exception. Specifically, if you don't think the course is worth the money for any reason, I will refund you in full and give you a copy of my Backlinks 101 eBook free of charge.

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What's It Going To Cost?

Fair question. I'm trying to make it affordable for as many people as possible, but worth my while too.

The price is $120. That is approximately $1 per new page of content. You'll be doing the work yourself, for now, but once you see how easy this is when you're properly prepared, you'll be hooking up with long-distance writers before you can say "Thanks, Ash".

Looking to turbo-charge your monetizing with Amazon or other affiliate programs? Add yourself to my list of virtual delegates for my first e-mentoring course in C2 as an affiliate marketing powerhouse!
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Questions? Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more.