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I'm a top web page content provider.
My SBI Construction Service will help you to leave BlockBuilder behind and get the look YOU want.

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Ready To Leave BlockBuilder?

Images are an important part of your website content.

SBI's BlockBuilder is how I learned to build web pages. It's a great starting point for your e-business journey. Anybody can use it.

Some highly-trafficked SBI sites use BlockBuilder. There's nothing wrong with that. However, for most of us, frustrations creep in. Moving to an uploaded template is worth the extra trouble for the flexibility we gain.

SHTML includes are a hugely powerful tool. "SH what now?" These are little files you can add to your site anywhere, with three stars on either side of the file name, like ***this***

Should you want to change the content of the file, just upload a new version. It's great for menus and footers, or Google Adsense ads, for example. Stuff you might want to change on dozens, or hundreds, of pages at once. Can't do that with BlockBuilder.

BlockBuilder page "porting" service

Once you've chosen your new template and I've got it looking the way you want it, I'll convert and upload pages at the rate of $10 per page. (Minimum order 20 pages.) At the end, I'll include training to show you how it's done, so you can fire me and do it yourself!

Min $200/20 pages | Buy Now

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Template choosing and customization service

If you want help to change your site from a BlockBuilder to a new look and feel, I'll help you to choose a template and customize it for you.
$125 | Buy Now

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Page Plan for your SBI website

Do YOU have a Content Blueprint for your SBI website? If not, it's high time you had one. Allow me to help! I'll brainstorm your niche and create a blueprint from scratch. Give me a Blueprint >

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