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Begin your e-commerce journey with a commitment to lifelong learning. The very best minds created the books I recommend. You will be a better business person for reading them.

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Tribes by Seth Godin Not rated yet
Tribes by Seth Godin What I love about Seth Godin's work is his refusal to be distracted, to pad out his rather short books with unnecessary …

Four Hour Work Week Not rated yet
Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

Seldom has a book affected me as strongly as this one. Brilliantly written in a style accessible by anybody, …

Purple Cow by Seth Godin Not rated yet
Purple Cow by Seth Godin The simplicity of this little book by marketing guru Seth Godin is its beauty. You can read it in an hour, but the …

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Many of these books were recommended to me by successful webmasters. I thank them for those generous suggestions.

Something I have discovered: when you are passionate about a topic, reading about it is a pleasure, not a chore. This just underlines for me how great it is to truly enjoy what you make a living from.

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