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If you're looking for business mentor programs,

then consider my half-hour brainstorms, site

reports and other value-added services.

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Finding a Business Mentor is Hard

Ashley Cotter-Cairns: Business Mentor Programs are hard to find

Consider hiring me on an as-needed basis, to help take your business to the next level! $50 per 30 minutes

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What can we discuss during our phone or Skype conversations?

Pretty much anything relating to your online business. Here's some potential topics:

How to get more traffic, build backlinks, visualize and then put into creation new products, or reach out to market leaders in your niche for partnerships which will be win-win for both parties.

What do sessions consist of?

Unless you're particularly well-to-do and just like to chat to people with a nice British accent, we ought to skip small talk.

Let's focus on projects that will give you a solid return on investment for the time you're paying me for!

Unlike most business mentor programs, you're not signing up for a long series, often at hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront.

You can pay as you go, take 30 minutes of brain-picking time whenever you need them.

Come prepared with clear objectives, and a list of questions or topics for us to discuss. You'll go away fired-up and ready to rock!

Here's topics I am really strong on:

  • The current state of your website, and how to improve it
  • New ways to monetize using digital products, and related topics (such as implementing E-Junkie to sell those products)
  • Possibilities for finding partners within your niche, and how to put together a deal they will like
  • Researching keywords, blueprints, and starting a new site
  • Writing and assessing content
  • Content 2
  • Getting backlinks to your site
  • Managing multiple websites and cross-linking between them
$50/30 mins
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What will this do for my business?

Whatever you want it to.

When it's hard to see the wood for the trees, you need a new pair of eyes on something you're trying for the first time, or need a simple "show me" on something that's been bugging you for months, give me a try.

Start with 30 minutes. If you're not totally satisfied that you got value for money, I'll give you a full refund. $50/30 mins

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Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of my website outsourcing services.